Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Count of Monte Cristo (Island of True Stories)

Phoenix Gallery, Exeter
Gallery Opening Times: MON - SAT: 10am-5pm SUN: 11.30am-5pm. Entry is FREE.

Fri 01 Apr - Sun 15 May, FREE

The Count of Monte Cristo (Island of True Stories)

This exhibition employs Alexandre Dumas’ classic adventure novel to bring together the work of five artists, Annabel Dover, Cathy Lomax, Hayley Lock, Alex Pearl and Mimei Thompson.

Working in a range of disciplines and media, they each plot their own responses to the overarching themes of betrayal, disguise, revenge and patience, mapping out a story of imagined objects, characters, conversations
and relics. By turns, they spy and exact subtle forms of revenge, concoct imaginary aristocrats and elaborate fantasies to dispose of rivals, compare the various cinematic and TV interpretations of Dumas’ book and respond to the island settings of its narrative. This treasure-laden exhibition examines the playful space between reality and illusion, charting voyages from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Wed 13 Apr, 10.45pam, FREE but booking is essential

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