Friday, May 20, 2011

The Man Who Fell to Earth

a Monika Bobinska project  

The Man Who Fell to Earth
Alex Gene Morrison    Adam King   Jost Münster    Alex Pearl    Karen Seapker

4-25 June 2011

Jens Hills, Penthouse (Unit 40), SoDa Studios  0786 606 3663

open Saturdays 12-6pm or by appointment

Private view: Thursday 9 June 6-9pm

 Vanish | Alex Gene Morrison | courtesy of the artist and Charlie Smith London

Monika Bobinska is pleased to present the first of two group exhibitions at Jens Hills London.

The shows will utilise the interior and exterior spaces of the distinctive 8th floor penthouse at SoDa Studios, with its panoramic views extending over the city.

The Man Who Fell to Earth explores the ‘otherworldly’, against a backdrop of new and post modernisms, the discourses of science fiction and of global events.

Alex Gene Morrison’s nuanced paintings employ a highly personalised language to engage with a universal cosmology, whilst referencing retro-futuristic science fiction cinema and the lofty ideals of suprematism.

Adam King’s collages and assemblages compose new worlds which speak of cultural myth and invented narratives, and pastoral traditions in the context of an urban consumerist culture.

Jost Münster’s two and three dimensional works inhabit a fragile territory between abstraction and figuration, the observed and the imagined. A delicate use of colour, and a subtle ordering of forms and materials is combined with an ongoing engagement with the material world and its dynamics.    

Alex Pearl’s humorous works typically convey a sense of the improvised, the accidental, eternally on the brink of failure or collapse. His recent sculptures, ‘DIY apocalypses’ created from expanding builders’ foam, seem to have an unruly, malevolent life of their own.

Karen Seapker’s figurative paintings combine dynamic brush strokes with a deft use of colour and black-and-white, her language of visual slippage suggesting both nostalgia and a sense of the unsettling distance between memory and fact.

For more information, please contact Monika Bobinska on 0786 606 3663 or

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