Friday, September 06, 2013

One of my video cameras has started filming as if it is under water. I am quite taken with it and may dress up as a frogman and wander the streets of Ipswich. Right now I am trying to do one of three things.

Write magazine article on the theme of machines helping us to give up.
Write a Phd proposal on avoiding responsibility for artistic production.
Write more blogs.

The third thing is benefitting from my unwillingness to do the first and utter self confusion at even starting the second. As avoidance techniques go, its a good one. Following on from this I am becoming more and more interested of late in self sabotage. Not long ago my gorgeous partner wrote to a number of residencies, projects and commissions for which I had been unsuccessful. The unanimous response was that I appeared in turn flippant, diffident or down right sarcastic. I found this quite shocking as it was certainly not my intention, though a little project making really bad applications does occur to me.

 Anyway, I am soon to be attending CBT classes so all this could change.

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