Sunday, April 04, 2010


The new "Arty" is out info at:

Arty 27: spring / summer 2010
Magic / k

'As I began to put together this issue of Arty I found Magic gradually segueing into Magick with the stage tricks of the professional magician moving into the sinister bedevilment of Aleister Crowley and the often-reactionary mysticism of folklore. Then with a tap of my magic wand and an abracadabra I pulled together a series of contrasting ideas and images to provide some personal takes on this subject. And so I have pleasure in presenting to you the charmingly illogical game of Situationist Poker (Francis Farmer) set out alongside the Victorian illusion known as Pepper’s Ghost (Alex Pearl) and an embroidery of a folklore-ish fishing cat based on an image of the model Devon Aoki (Emma Duggan).'
Cathy Lomax

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